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You can find us in Trondheim, center of Heimdal.

Molens Thai-Massasje are specialist in massage, especially Thaimassage, Thai oilmassage, aromatherapy, feet-/arm-/head-/back-/neck-/shouldermassage, whole body massage, facial massage. At our place you will experience wellness at a great treatment center. You can relax and enjoy a stimulating massage from one of our certified masseuses.

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Please call, send SMS or contact us through Facebook to book an appointment.

No-shows are charged 200 NOK. Appointment must be cancelled at least a day ahead.

Bikini and/or underwear is required for all treatments.

Pay by card or cash.

Special offers

  • 20% student discount
  • 15% discount for all massage treatments monday to saturday between 10:00-14:00
  • Discount card 6 treatments, 30% off the sixth treatment
  • None of the above discounts are valid for giftcards
  • For giftcards, please visit our partner Gifty


Thai Original massage

55 min - 1100 NOK
85 min - 1500 NOK

Original Thai massage combines acupressure (acupuncture without needles) with assisted yoga positions.
Treatment for muscle tenderness and stiffness, and for exertion and stress.
Good for blood circulation to the muscles and connective tissue. The muscle softens.
Thai Oilmassage

30 min - 600 NOK
55 min - 900 NOK
85 min - 1300 NOK
120 min - 1700 NOK

Combined with Thai Original Massage. Pressure point massage that dissolves knots.
Treatment for muscle tenderness and stiffness, and for tensions and stress.
Good for blood circulation to the muscles and connective tissue.
Aromatherapy bodymassage

30 min - 600 NOK
55 min - 900 NOK
85 min - 1300 NOK
120 min - 1700 NOK

This is an easier form of massage.
Selected natural oils and aroma oils are warmed and you get a gentle massage from your toes to your head.
The massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, and the body releases tension and stress.
Choose between various smells/oils.
Back-, neck- and headmassage

30 min - 600 NOK
55 min - 950 NOK
85 min - 1350 NOK

Relaxing and soothing to, for example, headaches and migraines.
A therapeutic and in-depth massage that helps and prevents:
- Stiff muscles, neck tension
- Back pain, tension in the back
- nodules in the muscles.

55 min - 900 NOK
85 min - 1300 NOK

Pregnant massage is a massage treatment specifically designed for those who are pregnant.
In addition to providing you with a delicious and relaxing treatment,
pregnancy massage can actually have a number of health-giving effects.
Pregnant massage may have a beneficial effect on:
- joint pain, edema and fluid in the tissues, muscle pain, headache, stress, anxiety,
depression, poor sleep and back pain

30 min - 600 NOK

Facial massage is a comfortable and relaxing treatment aimed at the muscles,
skin and connective tissue of the face. The treatment is done to dissolve stiff muscles,
counteract headaches, reduce tension and wrinkles,
and stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage of the face.

30 min - 549 NOK

Head massage is primarily used to give the massaging an incredibly relaxing, comfortable and relaxing treatment.
The treatment helps against:

- Headache / migraine, pain behind the eyes, dizziness, nausea,
difficulty sleeping, decreased concentration.

55 min - 1850 NOK
85 min - 2650 NOK
120 min - 3450 NOK
Get massage with someone you know.

Choose between Thai original / Thai oilmassage / Aromatherapy

30 min - 600 NOK
50 min - 860 NOK

Resolves tense muscles and improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Also stimulates the nervepoints below the feet.
- Stress-reduction. The muscles relax while the tendons massage, which in turn contributes to a better immune system.
- Helps holistically with body relaxation that brings joy and tranquility to the soul.
The massage helps stimulate blood circulation so that any injuries heal faster.

30 min - 490 NOK

Hand massage is a massage therapy that focuses on hands, fingers and wrists.
Treatment increases circulation, dissolves stiff muscle.
The massage provides increased mobility in the hands.
Uppersection package

55 min - 1200 NOK
85 min - 1550 NOK

Deep cleansing, facial scrub, back, neck, shoulder, head, décolleté over chest and hand massage.
Molens special package

110 min - 1890 NOK

Oils are used for all massages.
Contains the following massages:
- Foot Massage
- Hand Massage
- Face Massage
- Back, neck and head massage
- Aromatherapy / Thai Oil Massage
- Decolleté massage over chest
Full body package

85 min - 1550 NOK

Deep cleanse, face scrub, facial massage, back, neck, shoulders, head, décolleté above chest and handmassage

55 min - 900 NOK

Footbath, scrub and foot cream.
Treatment finishes with a lovely footmassage (aroma / Thai footmassase) and footcream.

50 min - 990 NOK
80 min - 1400 NOK

Footcare starts with a footbath, nails are cut then a footscrub.
Treatment finishes with a lovely footmassage (aroma / Thai footmassage) and footcream.